Being transferred to another country or even within one’s own country is one of the most stressful situations executives and their families will ever experience. After all, how much does an unsuccessful transfer represent to your company or your family in terms of time and money?

Can the executive focus on his/her professional goals if his/her family is not well adjusted to their new location?

Does your company have people with the capabilities and free time required to assist and support a transferred executive and family?

Start Again has the perfect solution for expats and inpats. Having experienced and gathered a vast knowledge on the issues facing families moving abroad, our team can provide effective assistance in making the adjustment to the new location as smooth as possible.

Start Again is totally at your disposal to help you in different situations:

  • Processing and obtaining documents;
  • Introducing the city and possible neighborhoods where to settle in;
  • Cultural training and guidance to foster adjustment to the new environment in the first months;
  • Looking for the right place to live in; legal help with agreements and inspections;
  • Guidance and help in finding schools and language courses;
  • Support in contracting services (telephone, cable TV, internet, etc.);
  • Help and guidance for moving, purchasing furniture and house appliances;
  • Guidance for hiring household employees and service providers;
  • Help with terminating contracts and moving out of Brazil;
  • Support in the process of repatriation to Brazil, using some of the same expatriation points.

Our Relocation services are indeed an outstanding feature that will certainly help you both as a professional and an individual. Contact us for other benefits.

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