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Assessoria e Consultoria Services in Business Management and Process Technology

We provide advice and support to top management in overall and strategic issues, plans, problems, opportunities, etc., of their businesses. The “loneliness of the top” position may be circumvented by talking openly and in a strictly confidential manner with an experienced interlocutor who has no part in the company.

In addition to a comprehensive conceptual approach, Start Again can also develop and carry through specific packages that may even include overseeing and managing programs and processes as a complement to its advisory services.

Check out below some of the main areas in which we perform advisory and consulting services in business management and process technology.

1. Overall support in business management:

  • Establishing and reviewing strategies; Strategic Plans;
  • Opportunities and problems (exploring and correcting);
  • Improvement Programs for culture, organizational structures and human resources.

2. Technical and financial feasibility analyses of: new projects; acquisitions, mergers and alliances; restructuring plans.

3. Support in negotiating acquisitions, mergers, alliances, technology licensing, supply contracts.

4. Support to Brazilian and foreign companies being established or implementing new units in Brazil, South America and other countries.

5. Support in developing new products, including technology selection and licensing.

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