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Formed by people who studied and lived in widely different countries, and who experienced and suffered the necessities faced by expatriate families, Start Again is conscious of and acknowledges the fact that the union and balance of wills and talents are the main factors that determine its outstanding difference.

Our professionals are the assets that provide Start Again with the expertise to render thorough advisory services for the adjustment of executives and their families in Brazil or abroad during the initial months.

Independent Professionals Network

In addition to the people who dedicate their full time to the company, Start Again can count on different highly skilled and experienced professionals who are contracted for specific jobs. Their specialties include Law, Engineering, Certified Translations, and so on.

When engaged, all these professionals are closely supervised by Start Again’s permanent staff, thus guaranteeing that the company’s high quality standards are always present in the services rendered to our clientes.

Permanent Staff – Résumés

Silvia Brandão

  • Principal and co-owner of Start Again Assessoria e Consultoria Ltda.
  • Bachelor degree in Mathematics, Physics and Statistics – PUCSP
  • Graduate program in Hotel Management Engineering – Universidad de Valdivia – Chile
  • Graduate program in Human Resources – Universidad de Chile
  • Language courses – Spanish as a Second Language – Universidad Javeriana de Cali and Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Experienced living in several countries due to professional transfers
  • Previous experience in different areas as:
    • *Professor at the School of Administration of the Mackenzie University;
    • *Manager of a Sears Roebuck store;
    • *Managing director and co-owner of A Tempo Modas Ltda;
    • *High school teacher at public schools in the state of São Paulo and at Instituto Mackenzie;
    • *Coordinator of Portuguese courses and teacher at the Instituto Berlitz Buenos Aires
  • Lectures in Universities on international transfers
  • Training and processes of cultural adjustment
  • Preparation of transfer policies

Cláudia Brandão

  • Director and co-owner of Start Again Assessoria e Consultoria Ltda.
  • Business Administration – Mackenzie University; several courses on management and accident prevention (Hospital das Clínicas, etc)
  • Previous experience in different areas, such as:
    • *President of the NGO Movimento de Prevenção aos Riscos Urbanos (Urban Risk Prevention), which has presented excellent results in supporting citizens in eliminating and controlling risks of urban accidents;
    • *Advisor to the Chief of Protocol of the State of São Paulo
    • *Advisor to the Secretary of Decentralization and Participation of the State of São Paulo
    • *Advisor to the Secretary of Culture of the city of São Paulo
    • *Event coordinator of Governor Mario Covas’ campaigns
    • *Technical coordinator of CET (Traffic Engineering Company)

Maria do Carmo Mezzarane

  • Administrative and Financial Manager of Start Again Assessoria e Consultoria Ltda.
  • Technical education in management and secretary skills
  • Previous experience in different areas, such as:
    • *Administrative and Financial Manager of Editora Domus, in charge of overall management, personnel management, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, taxes, negotiation with suppliers and customers, accounting;
    • *Administrative and Financial Manager of Parking Lots, in charge of staffing, labor compensation and payroll, labor laws, taxes, accounts payable;
    • *Managing director and co-owner of A Tempo Modas Ltda;
    • *Administrative Assistant - Bradesco Seguros
    • *Technical Assistant - Atlântica Boa Vista Seguros

Lineu Lex

  • Chemical Engineer – Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo. Extension courses and graduate programs at FGV, FIA, Chicago University
  • 38-year experience at Com Products International (formerly CPC – Refinações de Milho), international agribusiness company that supplies various industries, occupying diverse jobs, such as:
    • *President of affiliated companies (Chile, Argentina, Brazil);
    • *Global VP for technology;
    • *Business director;
    • *Engineering and manufacturing director; director of purchases, etc.
    • *Several years living abroad: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, USA
  • Responsibilities:
    • *Directing group companies
    • *Leading matrix structures in various countries and cultures
    • *Negotiating mergers and acquisitions
    • *Licensing agreements
    • *Strategic alignment processes
    • *HR policies

Start Again - Assessoria e Consultoria Ltda

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