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Why Start Again?

Being transferred to another country or even within one’s own country is one of the most stressful situations executives and their families will ever experience.

How much does an unsuccessful transfer represent to your company or your family in terms of time and money?

Can the executive focus on his/her professional goals if his/her family is not well adjusted to their new location?

Can your company staff dedicate a lot of attention to the family of the executive being transferred?

Does your company have people with the capabilities and free time to assist and support a transferred executive and family?

Start Again can help you!

With a team formed by people who have really experienced living abroad and therefore know the needs and ordeals facing families in such a situation, Start Again takes care of every aspect involved in settling and adjusting executives and their families.

Plus, as Brazilian natives who have had a specific academic education, our staff has a deep knowledge of the country. This is the difference that makes Start Again fully competent to provide effective assistance in adjusting expats to their new location as smoothly and easily as possible.

We provide top quality advisory services and their final cost is lower than that of inexperienced or non existing help, as attested by several clients (large, small; Brazilian, American, European) in over 10 years.

Start Again is equipped with the resources needed to help you. We are totally at your disposal to advise your company and help expats and their families.

Start Again - Assessoria e Consultoria Ltda

Rua Cotoxó, 303 conj.26/28 - Cep: 05021-000 - São Paulo - Brasil - Phone/Fax: 55 11 3673-0220 - startagain@startagain.com.br
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