Our portfolio values even more the importance of the company in the market and how our solutions were and still are fundamental in HR advisory and consulting services. Check out a few industry segments that were able to count on our unique services:

  • Brazilian Multinational Companies
  • American Multinational Companies
  • European Multinational Companies
  • Argentinean Multinational Companies
  • Home and Personal Care
  • Steel and Refractory Products
  • Machines and Equipment
  • Water Treatment
  • Paper and Cellulose
  • Banks
  • Advertising
  • Multiple Sectors
  • Food and Ingredients
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Paints
  • Air-Conditioning and Ventilation
  • Retail

Note: Company policies prevent us from disclosing our clients’ names. We may do so in specific cases, provided the clients involved authorize it specifically.

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